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Retired Adults for Adoption
Retirement, when you get to relax and enjoy life!

Occasionally, retired breeding adults become available. Some adults remain with us even after retirement and are spayed/neutered, but the reality is that we can't keep them all. Many are adopted directly out to friends, family, and repeat clients. For those that become available on our website, because we love these animals so dearly and would like to give them the best retirement possible, the search begins for the ideal furever home.

There are multiple benefits to adopting a retired adult from our program. Not only have they gone through the full vaccination process, but they are house trained and have outgrown the puppy stage of chewing on everything in their path. As adults, their energy level has stabilized and they are ready to be snuggled for hours at a time, an ideal match for furbaby parents who prefer a milder temperament.

While we dread their departure, we know that having their own family and being the only or one of a few other pets, will give them the most fulfilling retirement possible. To that end, we are selective when placing our retired adults so that they have the maximum love and attention possible. At Sunset Eves, we want our retired adults to have all the benefits of an extended vacation, lounging on couches and sleeping in bed with their humans and having undivided, or less divided, attention showered upon them.

All adults are well socialized and come pre-spoiled and loved. We hope that you will love them as much as we do! By choosing you to adopt one of our chihuahua adults, we are granting you custody of a piece of our heart. We appreciate receiving updates, pictures and messages keeping in touch to see how much our dogs are enjoying their best lives!

*Note: Past clients are given priority placement for retired adults. Homes are not first come, first serve, but rather, chosen based on their fit with each adult's personality and lifestyle needs. 

If you are interested in one of our retired adults please fill out an application.

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